Retinol 2.5% Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E, 30ml.

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  • 1. Designed to brighten and tone your skin whilst providing key nourishment and anti-aging benefits, our Aloe Retinol Facial Serum will leave your skin looking fabulous, flawless and absolutely perfect. Highly concentrated, this serum targets dull complexions, provides high moisture to the skin and creates a protective layer on the skin preventing the skin from being exposed to harmful environmental stressors.
  • 2. Stimulation of Collagen Production Collagen is a prevalent protein in our bodies and is found in skin, tendons, and muscles. It supports the skin's strength and elasticity. It's also instrumental in cell turnover rates. Collagen is referred to as the "glue" that holds skin together. As we age, collagen production slows down, which results in sagging skin, jowls, crow's feet and wrinkles. Studies show that 2.5% retinol serum stimulates the bodys production of Collagen.
  • 3. Treat Acne and Acne Scars 2.5% retinol serum is an effective treatment for acne and acne scars. It unclogs pores, which in turn reduces breakouts of blackheads and whiteheads. The serum clears up skin blemishes and helps prevent future skin damage by keeping dead skin cells from clogging up pores. Its properties include the ability to stimulate collagen production in the skin, which works to fade acne scars. This unique formulation of retinol helps other acne medications work better.
  • 4. Reduce Damage from the Sun The sun is a healing, life-giving star, but too much sun exposure can wreak havoc on your skin. The sun emits ultra-violet light, which damages skin on a cellular level. One reason skin starts to age is because the sun's damage is cumulative. The older you are, the more sun damage you have. You may develop age spots, broken capillaries, excessive wrinkles, numerous freckles and more. These can all be reduced or healed by using 2.5% retinol serum.
  • 5. Improve Skin's Texture With the sloughing action and smoothing that 2.5% retinol serum provides, you can look forward to dramatically improved skin texture. On a cellular level, your skin has tiny bumps and holes where the pores are. Feel them as you run your fingers softly over your face. But when you use retinol on a regular basis, your pores shrink so you don't have those "craters" when you look in the mirror. You'll have smooth skin you can feel good about.
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