Natural Organic Handmade Sunscreen SPF 40, for Adults & Children 200g.

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  • Our wonderful Hand Made Sunscreen contain the following 100% Natural & Organic ingredients : Coconut Oil has Vitamin D which is a fat soluble vitamin produced by the sunlight which activates cholesterol in our skin. It also allows the beneficial rays to get through to our skin. Then this combined with all the other ingredients really makes this a fantastic Sunscreen for Adults and Children alike as there are no harmful chemicals in the Sunscreen like most sunscreens on the market.
  • Shea Butter, which gives our Sunscreen a beautiful texture, Shea Butter is rich in Vitamins A, E and F. This itself offers a SPF of 6 and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients for collagen production. Shea Butter also has proven anti-inflammatory properties and its concentration of Vitamin K also helps your body to heal faster when your skin barrier has been compromised.Shea Butter is great for your skin as it will help keep it moisturized.
  • Beeswax repels water and sweet. It also has natural water repelling properties so you can take a dip and know that you are protected. Beeswax is a perfect protection for your skin. It is rich in vitamin A. The wax,s anti-allergenic and germicidal properties give your skin added protection against the suns harmful UV rays. Beeswax is the purified wax form the honeycomb and is used as a topical, non-allergenic ingredient in sunscreen to help condition and repair the skin.
  • NON NANO Zinc Oxide is found in the Earths crust as a natural mineral zincite. The Zinc reflects the sun away from the skin and blocks the rays. Non-Nano is a fancy word meaning that the Zinc particles are not fine enough to enter the bloodstream. So it sits safely on top of your skin and is not absorbed. Our 22% NON-NANO Zinc Oxide provides protection from the suns UVB rays as it sits on the skins surface as a barrier against sun damage,it wont clog your pores or irritate sensitive skin.
  • This is a lovely thick cream which will most likely last you all summer, apply all over your body, rub in really well until it is absorbed fully. On Children apply 15 to 30 minutes before going outside, reapply every 2 hours for best protection and especially after swimming or sweating. Adults apply every 3 hours and especially after swimming.
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