About Us
Here at Argan Beauty Deep we strive to source all our products Organically and Ethically. Our products from Morocco are made by a small family concern which was very important to us when researching products to resource. I bought Argan Oil when visiting Morocco and was amazed by it, when trying to buy some more I could not find the same quality as I had purchased in Morocco, so this is when I started looking to purchase from Morocco where the Argan nut is grown and it is made, our Argan oil is Cold Pressed and Triple Filtered so therefore it can be used on your Face and Hair ( the cheaper products cannot be used for both)  We source from a company in England who also have the same standards we have with sourcing all Organic ingredients. We started this Business as I have always been a Skin Care enthusiast, trying all products and looking at the ingredients I was not happy with what goes into a lot of them so decided to do something and from there we went on to sourcing our own products and have not looked back. We are always adding new products for you so please just take a look and see what we have to offer.