Welcome to Argan Beauty Deep

Welcome to Argan Beauty Deep, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the best Organic and Responsibly Sourced Ingredients for our products. We started this Business after buying some Argan Oil while on holiday in Morocco, after using it back at home tried to get some more but could not find the same quality as we had purchased in Morocco, so decided to research into importing the real product over to UK. That was it the start of our journey into the Organic Skin Care business. All of the products are sourced from the UK and Morocco. In Morocco are products come from a small family concern which employs all the family, therefore giving them all work, this was very important to us as a Business. For all the Argan Oil products the local women (Called Berber Women) pick and hand shell all the Argan Nuts by hand, this has been done this way for centuries, then the men of the family then make the products. Our Production Partner is a Member of the great charity BAYTI which help solve a lot of problems in Morocco, so we are very Proud to be one of the sources that supports such a noble cause. All these products are FDA,USDA and CCPB certified, therefore they will do no harm to our Planet. In the UK our supplier Hera is a small family run Business who take a pride in there botanically driven small bath product range. There ingredients are a combination of natural and organic carefully selected ingredients to help nourish,protect and rejuvenate the skin. They use no Parabens, Sulphates, Silicon-deived Emollient, DEA & TEA. When starting this Business this is what I strived to achieve, as always having a passion for Skin Care I was very disillusioned by all the rubbish that went into many of these products and decided to do something about this. The driving force behind Argan Beauty Deep is purely down to our knowledge of the ingredients, the vast majority of skin care products contain harmful synthetic chemicals so by having products that dont contain any of these 'nasties' sets us apart from the competition. Our range has been developed with sensitive skin in mind and all of our products are free of most common allergens and contain no harsh chemicals. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.